In mid-2005, Eduardo Tolin, founder of IB Freight, observed that very few companies gave importance to exportation, and most of the agents only worked and increased importation. he felt uncomfortable with the little that was done in the exportation and knew that he could offer much more. It was then that, with the support of his wife (girlfriend at the time), they started the creation of IB Freight Import and Export, where they started, organized in a well-designed way, a company where they wanted above all to do something different and innovative, perfect solutions according to the needs of the Brazilian Exporters. It was then that IB Freight was created in August 2005, which in the same year was approved by the IATA (International Air Transport Association) and has also started the Air Exports, starting to sow new businesses such as: Air and Maritime Import, customs clearance

With a team of highly qualified and recognized professionals in the market, they quickly began to get good results, and the company had a great growth in the following years, where many partnerships were established not only with suppliers (such as shipowners, airlines, agents abroad ), but mainly with customers.

In 2007/2008 came the first change of physical space and the company was transferred to a space three times bigger, where  Eduardo Tolin also become Customs Broker, increasing the company's team of dispatchers.

In 2010, construction began on the company's new headquarters, with a capacity for 65 people (space for leisure, barbecue, pool table, lawn, etc.), and the company changed again to its own headquarters this time in February of 2011.

Adapted to the new location, the company could not stop, and it was then that they decided to certify the Quality Management System by ISO 9001: 2008, process that took only 6 months, since the company had everything very well planned and controlled from the beginning .

2014 was the year in which the economic crisis began to affect Brazilian companies, but also a remarkable year for IB Freight, because this year a branch was opened in the port of Santos, acquiring an office strategically positioned a few meters from the Customs and thus bringing more facilities to the clients in the customs clearance service.

With the technological innovation, it began to adopt the work "home office" with the commercial team and in the following years all departments of the company were transferred to the branch of Santos. In 2016 the Santos branch was transformed into a headquarter, and the old headquarter became too big, since all were now in Santos or "home office".

In 2017 the company overcame the Brazilian economic crisis and even expanded a bit. It was a very important year, not only for updating the Quality Management System for the 2015 version of ISO 9001, but also for implementing some process changes aimed at enhancing the value of employees, partners and, above all, customers.

2018 was the year of working to improve the quality of life of employees and help small and medium-sized enterprises to start in foreign trade and grow exporting and importing.

In 2019, after undergoing a process of modernization and renewal of the brand, IB Freight Import and Export became IBF Logistics, maintaining the certifications and its requirements met and initiating the process of OAS Certification