Choosing insurance is one of the key steps in an operation. Always aiming at the integrity of our customers' cargoes, IBF Logistics has added to its services the integral insurance of the door-to-door cargo, or according to the customer's needs and sales conditions, thus facilitating operations for the customer who can to contract all steps of import or export with IBF Logistics. Due to our large volume of operations, we have been able to offer a higher value-added service with better rates, always working with partners who maintain our high quality standard.

  • Simplified contracting
  • Reduced rate

Why pay extra to do LOAD INSURANCE?

The cost of freight insurance is only a minimal fraction of the total cost of freight + shipping costs.

Risks taken when not insuring the insurance

In case of damage or total loss of cargo, the customer will receive almost a symbolic value if compared to the value of the merchandise. In case of sea transportation, the customer will be reimbursed in a maximum of US $ 500 per container by the carrier!

General Average

Even if the customer's cargo arrives 'safe and sound', without damage and breakdowns at destination, he may still be forced to pay for the losses of others. This is a maritime concept called 'General Average', and was created more than 3,000 years ago. Under the General Average, shippers whose cargoes have survived a voyage are called upon to reimburse the losses of other shippers who may have had their cargo dumped at sea, lost or damaged, in the name of salvaging the ship and the cargo remaining . Exemplifying: in case of a storm, the captain of the ship is forced to throw, say, 30 cntrs in the sea to be able to save the whole vessel.

Those shippers who own the cargo that have been saved, together they will pay for the 30 cntrs that were lost. There are cases where the amount disbursed by the remnants becomes several times greater than the value of their own load (!).

IMPORTANT: LOAD INSURANCE covers the 'General Average' event as well.