IBF Logistics road transport is a differentiated service, highly qualified and specialized in import and export cargo, for general, dangerous cargo, design and temperature control. The traceability of our operations is continuous, from the preparation of the collection to the punctuality of the delivery in its final destination.

The company's main goal is to minimize delivery time and optimize the level of customer satisfaction. In this way, it offers its clients services in the field of road transport in the following sectors:

  • Urban road transport
  • Intermunicipal road transport
  • Interstate road transport
  • International road haulage
  • Transport of export and import cargo and domestic trade
  • Customs Transit (DTA)
  • Receiving cargoes for warehouses, including under norms of general warehouses (partnerships) or containerization and palletizing
  • Projects on transport systems
  • Contact with ships prior to shipments to facilitate stowage of goods
  • Transport to the ship and accompaniment of shipments up to the end by specialized personnel